Streaming – all you need to know!

We receive questions every day about how to stream television, and the best streaming services to use. If you have an older television that isn’t a Smart TV you will need some hardware to get streaming up and running. Even if you have a newer Smart TV you might choose to use hardware such as an Apple TV to stream television because of the simpler user interface.

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Rugged CAT Smartphone now available

Rugged CAT Smartphone now available

At Gee Bees Media we constantly see phones that have taken an absolute beating. While we will always make the recommendation that your phone has protection such as a tempered glass screen protector, or a Lifeproof case, there are some scenarios that phones just can’t seem to avoid.

With a largely rural population, some of the things we have seen include phones being baled in the hay harvest, run over by tractors or other heavy equipment and the usual smattering of hard drops and phones that try to go for a swim.

We have been looking for a tough phone to suit our local market for some time and believe we have found one that might tick the box for many of our customers. The S41 from Caterpillar has been designed from the ground up as a rugged device. Its tough credentials include military specification (MIL SPEC 810G) and it is IP68 water and dust resistant certified. The CAT S41 comes with a scratch-resistant screen with Corning®Gorilla® Glass 5 and it’s been drop proof tested onto concrete from up to 1.8 metres. It’s also tough enough to handle thermal shocks and salt mist spray.

Another feature we love is that it has great battery life – perfect if you’re working in a remote location. Or you can share its battery as a power bank with other devices. The CAT S41 comes with a 5,000mAh battery to give you up to 38hours talk-time and 44 days stand-by-time.

Waterproof technology lets your phone survive more than just a splash of water. The latest CAT S41 smartphone is fully waterproof up to 2m for 60 minutes.  The touchscreens on CAT smartphones are equipped with innovative wet finger tracking technology, meaning you can use the screen as normal even when wet.

The CAT S41 smartphone runs on Android and is easy to use. It has all the usual features you expect of a smartphone such as an 8MP front camera and 13MP back camera, expandable storage and there’s even a programmable button on the side which you can use to launch a specific function, such as turning on the inbuilt torch feature, or to manage incoming calls.

Built to handle the extreme conditions you face every day at work and play. Drop it, dunk it, or forget to charge it – the CAT S41 will not let you down.

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